Are glazed cabinets out of style in 2021?

Kitchen designs are not very different from fashion trends; both come and go every year. Some of them seem to be undying ones, while some stay longer than others. The only dilemma is that changing a kitchen is not as easy on the pocket as changing into a dress that’s “in” in fashion. That is because a lot is at stake when you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen. Kitchen renovations can be an expensive project. Any decision you make related to incorporating the latest trends has to be made very carefully. Not everybody has the budget to change the kitchen every day, after all. So, you have to super careful with your choices so that the final design lasts for at least ten years or so. In this article you will find if the glazing of cabinets are out of style in 2021.

What Is Cabinet Glazing?

Choosing a theme for a kitchen is more about avoiding than what to do because fads will undoubtedly happen. When you are considering painting your kitchen cabinets, there are a lot of options to choose from. Deciding the type of finish is one of them and knowing what is available is even more critical.

Are glazed cabinets out of style?

Glazing kitchen cabinets is a method of adding an antique and classic look to them. By rubbing the glaze solution on the kitchen cabinets, it will acquire a semi-transparent layer on the cabinets’ base layer. In the last decade, glazing and kitchen cabinetry were all in a fury so much that it felt like everyone is doing it. Is glazing cabinets going out of style in 2020?

There are mainly two cabinet glazing options.

  • Shading the paint all over the entire cabinet door and drawer covers, then applying the glaze to the entire surface and wiping back the rest to give it a shading effect.
  • A pinstripe glaze can highlight the details of the cabinets. This is usually done with a darker color and is added to the cabinet doors’ groves to make the details of the kitchen cabinets pop out.
    Are glazed cabinets out of style 2020?

    Kitchen cabinets before glazing

    Kitchen cabinets after adding glaze

Are glazed cabinets in style?

Glazes are a smart addition to any kitchen loaded with the following benefits:

  • Gives a certain depth to the cabinets.
  • Provides warmth
  • Endows with texture
  • Great for hiding that everyday cabinet stains we don’t always have the time to wipe off.

In a nutshell, the glaze is applied and wiped away only to provide the cabinets’ grooved surfaces, ridges, and edges with a little bit of contour.

Are glazed cabinets out of style? That is the Question.

If the kitchen has a more relaxed theme, gray, white, or black glazes are the options. A white cabinet can be paired with a black glaze to achieve a very elegant and up to date look. Try to pick a color that blends in with the rest of the kitchen. Consider thinking about the floors, appliances, and the underlying cabinet color before putting glaze in.

If you think of giving your kitchen cabinets a modern look, don’t add a glaze of any kind, as glazing cabinets are going out of style. However, if you’re going for the more traditional and classic look, then glazing your cabinets is your go to option.

Adding glaze to your cabinets by yourself or by hiring a pro will help you. If you are having any trouble to choose from many many options these are some of the ideas you can choose from or do not hesitate to home service pro on our fb page here.