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5 most popular kitchen cabinet colors 2020

When choosing kitchen cabinet colors, one thing to keep in mind is the overall “mood” you want to have. Do you want a calm and welcoming mood or you prefer something tonic? Do you love vibrant and exciting looks or would you rather go tender? Undoubtedly, Knowing the right mood for your kitchen cabinet will set the pace for picking the right color. However, if you’re not sure about the perfect color to choose, you might want to check out what others are using. In this article, we’d look at the 5 most popular kitchen cabinet colors today.

The 5 most popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2020 are:

1. White

what’s so special about this color? And why does it look appealing to almost everyone? The reality of white is that it is associated with a lot of good things. Simplicity, goodness, purity, light, innocence, all are amongst the good things associated with white. In fact, it’s a symbol of positivity and can also imply a successful beginning. Everyone loves to associate with good and positive vibes, which makes most people prefer white. Apart from that, the color white is known to match all other colors perfectly well wherever it is used.

If a heavenly painted kitchen cabinet is what you want, you can best match it with blue, black or red.

2.Beige or Swiss Coffee

the color Swiss Coffee has a very light brownish appearance. Actually, it’s a combination of brown, white, gray, and a bit of yellow. If you want a calm and relaxing mood for your cabinet, beige should be on your list of options. In general, beige is associated with softness, elegance, and serenity. But, the color you choose to pair it with will determine what overall mood your cabinet will have. Beach works well with blue, gray, white, and brown.


If you want a balanced and emotionless color, you should consider gray. A combination of white and black that leaves an impression of dignity, authoritativeness, and being dull. It’s a moody color that could also suggest being formal and conservative. If you’re looking to combine it with other colors, think cream, purple, red, brown, or blue. These colors can eliminate the negative impressions of gray and allow only it’s positive vibes radiate.

4. Pink

For the most part, the color pink is regarded as a feminine color. It’s associated with love, kindness, and sweetness. Your cabinet will look romantic, playful, and sweet if you choose to go with a pink color. Most kitchen cabinets in pink are owned by ladies who love to radiate their feminine self. Colors like brown, white, gray, turquoise, or olive are good pair options for pink.


red is extreme. It suggests passionate love, seduction, and adventure. Although it also has many negative things associated with it, such as danger, violence, and anger. However, using the right color to pair it up can eliminate all the negativities. Consider pairing it with white, yellow, blue, or green for a better and positive impression.

There you go. The 5 most popular kitchen cabinet colors in 2020. How do you want to feel whenever you’re in your cabinet? Let the right color help you.

In conclusion, for a beautifully looking cabinet, do not use more than 2 colors. The elegance of your kitchen’s cabinet is not about the number of colors used, rather it’s about how effective they are combined.