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This is our story.

Initially, in 2018, founder and expert cabinet painting finisher and house painter Greg Spates owner of Spates Painting asked his team a simple question. A question that would later become our mission: Why is it still so hard to hire a house painting pro that specializes in painting kitchen cabinets?

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Similarly, in the era of instant-everything, you shouldn’t have to spend an entire afternoon researching, calling and comparing local pros whenever you need one. Therefore, we set out to make it easier. Likewise, thousands of customers use Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me technology to find and hire small local house painting businesses across the country.

Painter Diversity Makes Us Better looks for the best painters in all communities across many cultures. Additionally, we support the growth of black, brown owned businesses. Moreover, our pros are vetted and certified home painters that excel at bathroom cabinet painting, wood built in refinishing, kitchen cabinet painting finishers in your area and cities across America. Furthermore, our painters must specialize and be talented in the cabinet painting and staining process.


Why Are We Different?

Primarily, when you choose cabinet painters on Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me you are getting a TRUE EXPERT CABINET PAINTER. Furthermore, we have verified and certified NOT JUST A HOUSE PAINTER!

Besides, the pros on KCPNM are private contractors or freelancers and business owners. Hence, these pros do not work for Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me. Conversely, we connect cabinet painting finishers with customers looking to hire expert cabinets finishers.

How Does It Work?

1) Simply, click “Get Started”

2) Give us a few details about your project.

3) Click “Submit”

Progressively, we will match you with a cabinet painting pro in your area with in a few hours.


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Racette Painting

Racette Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Painter

TOP RATED – Greg Racette is one of our certified pros.

McKinney Cabinet Finishing

McKinney Cabinet Finishing

Kitchen Cabinet Painter

TOP RATED – McKinney Painting is one of our certified pros.