Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets or Hire a Pro?

Paint does magic when you want to renovate something instead of replacing, same is the case with kitchen cabinets. Are you asking Google painted kitchen cabinet ideas 2020 to look for suggestions for painting kitchen cabinets for you? But you are afraid about the prices being over the moon or as it is hard in these times of the pandemic to hire a pro. The reason could be any, but you don’t know where to start? This blog will help youin finding the best painting old kitchen cabinet ideas as it is quite a ride, and your head is going to get filled with DIY kitchen cabinet painting ideas. When you are done, you will be proud of what you have done while seeing painted kitchen cabinet before and after pictures. 

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Or if you are just lazy and don’t want to get into the hassle of painting your kitchen cabinets by yourself, get the idea from the following DIY kitchen cabinet painting ideas Contact the painters near you who will paint them for you. 

DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas

Paint Selection

Things you’ll need to buy before-hand for the preparation of painting old kitchen cabinet are tools for sanding and priming and of course the paint. But let’s see what paint color will go with your kitchen. First things first, choosing the right color for the cabinets. Change is always good no matter if it is big or small, change from matte to matte can also brighten up your kitchen space.

Single-Toned Cabinets

The following bombardment of suggestions for painting kitchen cabinet ideas can be a very big help to you if you are thinking of changing the vibe of the whole house. 

White is always classy

Cabinet Painters

White on white, classic white matte or contrast with white are always go-to options and will do wonders to the overall looks of your kitchen. 

A little funky 

If you want your kitchen to pop up, try to do something funky and play with colors a little like if the weather is changing and you are feeling like changing the paint try bright yellow and green to spread spring vibes.


Mattes are never out of fashion, try mint green or lime green, forexample.

Warmer and darker shades

And if you are looking for a warmer look, go for slightly darker shades like black or grey. Applying darker shades like black and blue can be tricky. Still, if done with precision and accuracy, your kitchen cabinets will look flawless.

Neutral shades

You can also try neutral shades like light sage, delicate duck egg and neutral grey are to be added in painted kitchen cabinet ideas 2020, due to their such reputation and popularity nowadays.

Multi-toned Cabinets

Or here is a cool idea, try painting all the cabinets in different colors. For example:

A little drama can never be boring

Painting the upper one’s light and lower one’s bold, that will give a dramatic and cheerful look to your kitchen and can set a new vibe of the whole house. 


Rainbow colored cabinets are a beautiful sight to watch and can uplift one’s mood. All the cabinets could be sorted out according to what you are putting in them and can be a very big help in managing supplies.

Color Pop

Adding different colors on the edges of the cabinets can be a cool addition to painting kitchen cabinets ideas. Gray cabinets with blue edges or green colored cabinets with light yellow edges are a beautiful addition to the list of DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas.

Surprise in the Box

The looks do matter, and so does the inside. Painting the drawers with a fun color from inside is a cool idea. Painting the doors and the inside with different colors is also one of the painting kitchen cabinets ideas.

Kitchen Cabinets aka Sticky Notes 

Making inside side of the door a chalkboard will also be anunusual idea. Inside of the cabinets will work for sticky notes too. 

Hire a Pro

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