How Much Does Kitchen Cabinet Painting Painters Cost?

Painting your kitchen cabinets can change your place’s entire look, exponentially increasing your residence value. The cost of painting kitchen cabinets isn’t too much and depends solely upon where you live and the amount of paint and labor that will go onto your cabinets. The investment is minimal compared to the potential return, as it’s an essential part of house remodeling.

Nowadays, painting kitchen cabinets’ popularity is increasing exponentially as bright and lit up kitchens are becoming a trend. The concept of cabinet painting has gained fame as it can turn your old wooden cabinets into modern glossy cabinets of any color you’d like, that too at a not-so-high cost. According to sources, the national average cost of painting kitchen cabinets painters ranges from $1200 up to $7000; it depends mainly upon the area of your residence.

For those who want a budget-friendly way to refurbish their kitchen, painting cabinets is the go-to option. There are a few things that the cost of kitchen cabinet painting depends upon.

Quality and quantity of paint being used

A fresh layer of paints on your cabinets can change their entire look; that is, if the coat is done professionally and with high-quality paints. The benefit of painting cabinets is that it is way more budget-friendly than changing cabinet doors yet offers the same outlook. The painting cost will depend solely upon the quality of paint one is purchasing and the surface area that needs to be painted. On average, the per linear foot estimate is $30-60, so you can get a rough idea of the cost depending on your cabinet sizes and quantities.

Type of paint being used

When it comes to purchasing paint for kitchen cabinets, it’s essential to know what kind of paint would be best suitable. A famous opinion is that semi-gloss, gloss, or satin paints work well in kitchens because they’re super easy to clean and more durable than matte paints. The cost of these paints may be slightly higher, but totally worth it in the long run. For those who go with matte paints, it may look nice to begin with as well, although it’s hard to maintain and impractical in the long run.

Method of painting applied

There are two common ways of painting cabinets, one being roll on paint less expensive and the other being spray paint process. Getting your cabinets spray painted is famously known as the better option because it ensures there aren’t any spots left behind and neatly covers the cabinets in an even layer of paint. Albeit, sprayers use about 33% more paint than rollers do, so that would make the cost slightly higher. It’s better for someone who’s on a budget to go with rolling paint as it’s cost-effective.

Estimated time of painting

Whomever you hire to paint your cabinets will let your know the estimated time it will take, and the costs will be accordingly. The more labor/time your cabinets consume, the higher the painting cost will be and vice versa. It’s better to get in touch with expert painters as they take the least time and offer the best results.



Expertise of contractor


It would be best if you reached out to contractors who’ve made a good name in the market in order to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the cabinet painting. For those who pick on random contractors, there’s a high chance you won’t get the results you’re looking for, and your money will go down the lane.


Painting kitchen cabinets is a one-time-investment, and if it’s done right, it can have a huge potential return in terms of the interior value of your house. If you’re someone looking to get your kitchen groomed, you should use authentic sources to find your contractor.


 Know where to find your contractor from


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