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Painting Leads, Here’s How To Attract Eager, Ready-To-Buy Leads Without Doing Any Online Advertising or “Tech Stuff”


It’s tough, but true:

The big-name sites like Home Advisor are sucking up all the online attention and making it virtually impossible for homeowners to find you.

Traditionally, you’ve always had to spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours figuring out online marketing…

Or your small company might just sit there idly waiting for the phone to ring.

Not anymore.   A beautiful sunset over a calm lake, with vibrant orange and pink colors reflecting on the water's surface.


How To Get Painting Leads Customer Eyeballs And New Jobs Without Lifting A Finger

With your own done-for-you mini website, we’ll plug you into our conveyor belt of local leads for any ZIP in the US.

We’ve spent 20+ years and thousands of dollars homing in on the best way to attract homeowners who need kitchen cabinet finishers and house painters.

So if you’re a plumber…

Or an electrician…

Or dog groomer

Sorry we can’t help. We wish you the best.

But if you are Kitchen Cabinet Painting Pros House Painters, let us help you apply our very targeted (and very reliable) tactics to attract customers:

How To Get House Painting Jobs

We build your mini website on the back of our well-connected, high-traffic network 

Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me outfits it with content, graphics, branding, and important information

We do all the search engine work to bring in web traffic

We educate and persuade your leads right there on the web page

You just pick up the phone or answer your email when the leads come your way!


HOT Leads – Not Tire Kickers

One of the perks of our system is that our leads are proprietary and ready to move forward.

Unlike other services, you aren’t “sharing” leads with 6 other local competitors.

They’re all yours, and they close at much higher rates than the leads who drift through the big-name sites.

That means you can expect a 90%+ close rate or better.


Name Your Price!

We’re proud to operate on a bid system. Simply send us your bid your willing to pay on the apply form with your budget and you’ll get the lowest available price based on that.

Only pay what you can afford.

What ZIPs are open and available?

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  • You request to claim a city.
  • Give us your business information.
  • Make a bid for the leads.
  • If we accept your bid we will build you a city landing page, like we did for this painter in San Diego CA.
  • We add your email to the form so you get the leads.





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Boost Plan

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  • Professional Craigslist ad post
  • Push customers to your site or phone
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