What is the difference between kitchen cabinet painting and Refacing cabinets?

Is your kitchen cabinet starting to look old, and you’re considering bringing it back to life? Maybe you’re thinking of repainting or refacing – but you aren’t sure which is best for you. Both refacing and repainting have their advantages and setbacks. Let’s help you identify their differences so that you can make the best choice for you.

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The definition

What is Cabinet Painting? Cabinet painting is quite straight forward. In simple terms, it’s repainting your cabinet. It could be with the same old color it was or with a different one entirely. This brings a fresh look to your cabinet.

What about cabinet refacing? When you replace the visible parts of your cabinet, you’re refacing it. Cabinet refacing involves changing the handles, doors, hinges, windows, and fixtures of your cabinet. However, the cabinet frame remains intact, and you bring a new look to your cabinet.

You may be tempted to think one is better than the, but don’t. Before drawing your conclusions, let’s see how they differ from each from a broader perspective.

Which is costlier?

From a cost-analysis perspective, cabinet refacing is more expensive. This is obvious because it involves buying a new “hardware” for your cabinet. On the other hand, cabinet painting wouldn’t be as expensive because you’re only repainting your cabinet. You aren’t replacing any of its parts. If you’re strictly on budget and can’t afford to reface your cabinet, painting it isn’t a bad idea. It will help your cabinet look fresh once again and even last longer.

Which one lasts longer?

When you repaint your cabinet, it doesn’t automatically make it stronger. Although painting kitchen cabinets will help prevent it from water and insect damage. And as a result, last longer. However, refacing your cabinet will make it last even longer than just repainting. Clearly, refacing brings in new accessories that can’t be likened to an old or used one. If you’re concerned about making your cabinet last longer, refacing it should be your choice.

Which looks better? If you reface your cabinet, it obviously looks better than just repainting. Although having a painted kitchen cabinet by painters that specialize in cabinet painting can also have stunning looks, especially when handled by experts. Nevertheless, the looks of something new is always different. When your decisions are based on the looks, you may consider refacing.

Which one adds more value? Maybe you’re thinking of selling your apartment, and you need everything in good condition. Refacing your cabinet may seem more expensive, but it adds more value to the condo

and generates more revenue. It is estimated that homes with refaced cabinets generate a 50% ROI of the amount invested in refacing it.

How about maintenance?

A painted kitchen cabinet attracts dirt and stains. As a result, it requires more frequent cleaning. When you clean too often, after some time, it begins to fade, peel and look unevenly painted. Areas that receive fewer stains will still look fresh, while areas that are often stained will not. When considering the long term maintenance costs, refacing might just be your best shot.

Final note

There you go! Are your choices cost-centered? You should probably try a repaint. Perhaps you love your old cabinet and only want to have it refreshed, repair it. Otherwise, refacing it presents more significant long term benefits for you and your cabinet