If you are a professional and experienced painter, you might need to start your own painting business. Painting businesses are easy to set up, and the startup is not as expensive as other businesses.


It does not require as much equipment and investments as other fields do. Once your business is established, you will start earning a good amount. Moreover, painters are in demand. There is a higher demand for painting and maintenance than any other occupation.


More than 500,000 painters were hired between 2014 and 2019, increasing the demand for painting occupation by 4.2%.


Suppose you are wondering how to get Painting Leads in 5 Ways to flourishing your online business. In that case, you need to start your entrepreneurship from Kitchen Cabinet that has helped several painters get more painting leads and earn more money.


Here are five ways to get more painter leads:


  1. Develop Your Website

Developing your website is necessary when doing an online business. People will know that you are running a real company, and thus they will trust you.


Customers tend to check your business before using your services, and the first impression that they have of a business is its website. 


If you have not made your business a website yet, do not worry! You can make your customized website at Service Hub Marketplace. Keep your website simple and persuasive.


The contents must be understandable to the audience. Make your website professional and engaging. Update it regularly. An attractive and easy-to-navigate portfolio increases the chances of getting more painter leads.


Another quintessential factor to consider when creating a website is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


If your website is SEO-friendly, there are more chances to rank on a Search Engine. This will directly increase the rate of impressions and will generate more painting leads.


  1. Include Images and Videos of Your Work

Your website should include images of your previous and professional work. Do not use stock images from the internet. Your portfolio will attract clients. Clients require sample work before they hire you.


Your sample work helps to know about your work and gives them a reason to hire you for your services. Your images must be of high quality that reflects your experience and skills.


Videos are a great way to engage more audiences. Videos help your audience to know about your work and communicate your value proposition.


Create videos that are engaging, attractive, and informative. They should include your services. Secondly, optimize your videos to rank on youtube. Youtube is another great source of getting more audience.

Nowadays, it is not difficult to make a high-quality video. You can pay professional video editors to make a 30 to 60-second adorable video.


  1. Include Strong Calls to Action

You must include an urgent call to action, such as your contact number or an email address. Include buttons such as “Get a free quote now” or “Free Color Consultation.” These urgent calls to action will tell your customers that you are always available to serve them.


There is a higher chance to get painting leads because customers love those services that are easily accessible and are available 24/7. And this way, you can make them click where you want. 


Do not include too many strong calls to action on every web page or at weird places. It will create hassle, and your audience will not find the right call to action button.


Instead, you can make a separate web page like “Contact Us Now.” Keep everything easy and simple to comprehend.

  1. Get More Leads With Direct Marketing

With Kitchen Cabinet, it is easier to get more painter leads within your city. Once you claim your city at the website while registering, the website will drive more clients to you.


You will have your business landing page within our local area, such as Kitchen Cabinet Painters near San Diego. Getting clients within your local area is easier with Kitchen Cabinet than by going door-to-door.


You will get suitable clients that are near you easily by building your portfolio at Kitchen Cabinet.


  1. Manage Your Online Reputation

You need to flawlessly maintain your reputation online. You manage your online reputation in the form of reviews. Positive reviews are important in this regard.


When a friend tells about his great experience using a service to another friend, it increases customers. But online, people get referrals from strangers. People prefer hiring painters with more positive reviews.


These positive reviews not only make clients trust you but also help you rank on Search Engines. Google tends to rank websites that have more positive reviews. It will increase your chances of getting more leads.


Negative reviews are not bad either, but they help give a realistic outlook to people looking into your services. You can show your audience that you are ready to work for them in case of any problem because your priority is your client’s satisfaction; it helps build credibility.