How To Start A House Painting Business for under $400

If you have the skill and experience of working with a brush, you must start your own painting business. It is a great opportunity to be your boss, find more painting leads, and unleash your creativity. 


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Starting your own painting business might sound difficult, but it isn’t. Learn here why and how you should start a painting business under $400.


4 Reasons to Start a Painting Business Without Further Ado

Starting a painting business does not require exclusive understanding, and you are not bound to seasonal fluctuations as other businesses are. Here are four reasons to start your own painting business:


  1. Getting Started is Easier Than Other Trades

Unlike other businesses, painting does not require any specific education. You just need to be creative and hardworking. And if you want to hire workers for you, it is not difficult to train them to do the job.

  1. Less Investment

There is absolutely no need for a major investment in a painting business, unlike other fields such as plumbing and welding. Less equipment is required. You need only paints, brushes, and a ladder. In a painting business, you gain more profit by affordable investment.

  1. Painting Leads are in Demand

Painting businesses are more in demand, which means you will find more painting leads. According to a study, more than 500,000 painters were employed for painter leads between 2014 and 2019. The painting business grew by 4.2%. It is a good chance to set up your own business.

  1. You are Your Boss

It is the biggest advantage to start entrepreneurship. You have the liberty to run your business exactly the way you want, and you can set a schedule that suits you best.

Start Your Painting Business Under $400

Believe it or not, you are only a few steps away from setting your painting startup. Once you set up your profile and bid for jobs, you will receive many painter leads within a few days. Follow the following steps to do your painting business:


  1. Register Yourself

Fill the form by providing your name, email, phone number, business name, and zip code. You can set your budget per month. Submit the form.

  1. Create Your Own Website

Don’t have a website yet? No worries! You can make one for free at our Service Hub Marketplace. You need a webpage and portfolio to show that you are a real company and to gain credibility. Make a simple yet attractive website that provides all the information to your clients.

  1. Get Insurance For Your Business

You do not require actual insurance for your painting business, but you need liability insurance that costs around only $100 per month for a million-dollar policy.

  1. Getting The Equipment

As discussed before, painting equipment is not as costly as in other fields. You just need merely brushes and a ladder. Once you get painter leads, you can even charge some amount to customers before starting the work to buy the required equipment. 

  1. Make a Bid for Leads

When making a bid for painter leads, you need to focus on the expenses first like:

  • Amount of paint.
  • Essential materials
  • Working hours and the number of painters.

Estimate the amount you will spend on paints, materials and check out how many hours of labor and how many painters you need. Add up the expenses. Now calculate the profit you want to make.

For instance, you want to make a 30% profit on your painting lead. And the expenses cost around $1750. So, you must charge $2500, leaving you with a profit of $750.

  1. Get Your First Client and Paint The House

With an attractive portfolio and professional skills, you will find your first client within a few days. Paint the house and unleash your inner designer.

  1. Make a Profit

Get your painter leads and start making a profit. Do not make the following mistakes that may cause you a loss instead of profit:

  • Avoid spending too much on painting equipment. Instead of spending only 10-15% on painting stores, painters end up buying unimportant items. Keep your focus on essential items.
  • Do not hire unprofessional painters. A careless team will cost you more.
  • Do not underbid your painting leads. Professional painters know about the problems that they may encounter while working. It is better to consult a professional before bidding for painter leads. Otherwise, you will end up losing some big bucks.


Therefore, we urge all the painters out there to make an investment their future self would be proud of. So, contact us now and get things started as soon as possible.