Home services are a necessity. Whether you are buying a piece of land and building a house from scratch or renovating your old one, you will have to deal with home service businesses to get things sorted. There are plenty of such brands that offer these services and provide a platform where the constructors can reach the consumers.

Why HomeAdvisor Is Not Suitable For All

Why HomeAdvisor Is Not Suitable For All

When it comes to home service businesses, HomeAdvisor is a name that comes up often. But does it live up to that hype? Is it worth it?


So without further ado, let’s begin by looking at the brand and what it does. And importantly, why is HomeAdvisor not suitable for all home service businesses.


HomeAdvisor is a controversial company in the eyes of contractors. However, it is good to average for a common man looking for a professional to construct his house.


What does HomeAdvisor do? Well, it is a platform where people can find contractors. How this works is that the contractors pay the platform to get featured on their web page, pay for leads, or find business opportunities. In return, whenever the contractor makes a deal via the platform, he gives it a part of his revenue. On top of that, HomeAdvisor also charges a fixed monthly amount for its services.


Although it looks good on paper, we assure you there is a catch. HomeAdvisor is just a marketing platform. If you want to decide whether to use it not, read the next portion and make up your mind based on our provided facts.

Why Is HomeAdvisor Not Suitable for All Home Service Business Models?

There are mixed opinions on why is HomeAdvisor not suitable for all home service businesses. However, we can assure you that although it may be suitable for some businesses, it is definitely not perfect for every business. So to get a detailed analysis on why is it not perfect, here are a few drawbacks of choosing HomeAdvisor:


  • A Myriad Of Complains

Since the business has been operational, it has faced a lot of critics. Now one may think that no matter how good the company is, there are complaints. But the number of complaints also speaks volumes about a service.


The Better Business Bureau, a platform for registering complaints, hosts over 1800 of them filed against HomeAdvisor. And that’s only one platform. The complaints claimed that HA offered an inadequate service that wasn’t value-for-money and that the leads they provided connected to scammers and were not worth the money. But since HA has been in business for so long, it is okay to have some complaints. 


  • The Name Change

HomeAdvisor was previously known as Service Magic. So, why did it change the name? Although there are no official statements, people suggest that the brand faced a lot of criticism and had built a bad reputation. To let of go of that bad reputation and have a fresh start, they changed the name. The name change also gives us an idea about the incompetence of the brand that formerly existed.


  • Giving a Part of Your Business to HA

The terms of service clearly state that after you sign the contract, the brand has complete liberty to use all your information wherever it wants and however it wants. It allows them to market their service shouldered by an already successful business, and they also charge the company for it. Demanding a part of one’s business is a significant deal-breaker between HomeAdvisor and home services businesses. Moreover, it is perhaps the most reasonable answer to why is HomeAdvisor not suitable for all home service businesses.


  • Isn’t Cost-Effective

You have to alert at all times if you are working alongside HA; otherwise, the fees would add up, and in no time, you will be in debt. HA charges money for basic stuff that other brands offer free of cost. Like it assigns you a subscription for just registering your number to get calls from a lead. Moreover, the yearly fee of HA is almost twice as much as its competitors. The brand also tries to sell other top-ups like web hosting and stuff. All this adds up to be a lot, and that’s why is HomeAdvisor not suitable for all home service businesses.


  • Low-Quality Leads

The internet is full of complaints talking about the poor leads the brand offers. Many leads are people who are window-shopping and have no interest in doing business. Therefore, for a company that is spending money on these leads, it can be frustrating. Moreover, it is relatively challenging to stand out from the competition on HA.


Is There a Better Alternative For Home Service Businesses?

Yes, there are plenty of opportunities for sprouting businesses to make a mark. The first and perhaps the best option is to invest in their website. Pay SEO experts and try to rank their website on SERPs to don’t need external marketing. Besides, social media marketing is also reasonably straightforward, where you can market your services.


Moreover, if you are looking for quality leads at the most reasonable rates, Kitchen Cabinet Painters Near Me is a perfect option. The platform offers five pros per zone, ensuring quality over quantity. Furthermore, unlike the expensive leads presented by HomeAdvisor that go as high as $90, this brand offers high-end leads at a cheaper cost. And if this wasn’t enough, the leads are one hundred percent genuine. There will be no empty leads.